Health Projects

     Small Ritual Coffee Society has been a registered not-for-profit since 2009.
Our current project is a café in White Rock, BC, Canada.
     We love coffee and we love community. Everything we do flows from these two simple concepts.
     Having successfully sprouted and tended community there, we are now holding a 200-word essay contest to give away the café’s assets and train a new community host and his/her team for free! Always wanted your own café? Everything for free would make it even better? Whaaat? Questions?
     We are currently in the brainstorming and collaboration phase for our next community health project. Input? See a need? Want to sponsor or contribute to something life-changing? or begin building your legacy?

VISION: We will continue to challenge how people view health, health management and the ways to care for the individual and the community. We will lead by example.
     Health development and health sustainability are best achieved through community-building. If true community is created, then the individuals will contribute and receive (often simultaneously) true support and inspiration to develop immediate and future solutions naturally. If effective facilitators are in place, health solutions will come from within, and support will grow organically around the frameworks we create.

MANDATE and SUCCESS: We create community health projects in a way that is real, person-centred and exists in everyday life. It is imperative that the networks and supports we create and tend are inclusive of all walks and stages of need.
In true community the networking and support are felt as connections and relationships. We must build this to alleviate shame and promote free exchange of ideas, beliefs and expressions. We must tend to this to be approachable for those who might not be able to ask for help. Doing so will effectively and holistically stabilize, fortify and enrich individuals’ health and; thus lives and; thus community health and thus; community life.

Visit us in person at 1237 Johnston Rd White Rock, BC V4B 3Y8
8:00am – 4:00pm
*special by-donation performance events Fridays, 6pm-8pm as announced
10:00am – 4:00pm
10:00am – 2:00pm
*occasionally we rent out the space to community groups on Sundays, so call ahead so you are not heartbroken: 778.294.1237
Don’t like our hours!? You can help change them by volunteering: the more trained volunteers we have, the more cool stuff we can do, and the more time to connect with you!